Mortuary Consumables

Barber offer a variety of consumables for the general medical, mortuary/autopsy, pathology, laboratory, funeral and veterinary markets.

We offer a vast range of mortuary and autopsy consumables, including head blocks and head rests, twine, shrouds, wadding, as well as disinfectants, wipes & sprays.

We also offer a range of suture threads for various use, which can be bought with our range of suture needles, as well as containers, jugs, trays and bowls.

Our range of consumables are available to buy online here:

  • Funeral Consumables
  • Cleaning/Disinfectants
  • Cotton Wool & Wadding
  • Head Blocks & Head Rests
  • Suture Thread & Cord
  • Bowls, Jugs & Buckets
View our range of Mortuary Consumables available to buy online here: