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  • Compressed Cellulose Sponge

    Compressed Cellulose Sponge

    The compressed cellulose sponges can be used for a mutitude of cleaning purposes
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  • 10inch Wiper Rolls

    10inch Wiper Rolls

    3 ply paper wiper roll in white - 10inch x 46m. This is standardly used in a ho...
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    Starting at: £19.99

  • Softalind Hand Sanitiser 500ml

    Softalind Hand Sanitiser 500ml

    Softalind hand sanitiser is an alcoholic hand rub Read More
  • PM Natural Sponge

    PM Natural Sponge

    The natural sponge is commonly used to wash the body in a post mortem Read More
  • Hibiscrub


    Hibiscrub handwash 5 litre, is an antimicrobrial skin cleanser, offering protect...
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    Starting at: £4.99

  • Ardol Absorbent Compound

    Ardol Absorbent Compound

    Ardol is a highly absorbent compound with disinfecting properties - available in...
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    Starting at: £5.19

  • Couch Roll

    Couch Roll

    2 ply couch rolls in white - 20inch x 46m. This is standardly used in a hospita...
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    Starting at: £19.99

  • Centrefeed Roll

    Centrefeed Roll

    Choose between 1 or 2 ply centrefeed rolls in blue or white - 300m or 150m. Inc...
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    Starting at: £14.99