Barber are the market leaders in eyed suture needles, with our needles supplied worldwide to hospitals, clinics, veterinary practices and bespoke/specialty functions.  Manufactured from high grade stainless steel our needles undergo a rigorous quality control procedure to ensure a high standard of sharpness, rigidity, durability and presentation.  The needles are hand honed for added sharpness to ensure a smooth, less traumatic passage through tissue.

We have a variety of shapes available, including curved, 1/2 curved, serpentine (S-shaped) and straight, as well as different body types (round and triangular).  In addition to the standard and post mortem range, Barber can offer a range of special needles such as drilled end and micro needles. For information on bespoke needles please contact us at

Eyed needles can be offered in regular, French, open or spring eye and in conventional cutting as well as reverse cutting. Round bodied needles taper gradually to a point, whereas triangular bodies have cutting edges along three sides.

All the various shapes and sizes are available to buy online here:

  • Hypodermic & Luer
  • Post Mortem
  • Suture Needles – ½ Curved
  • Suture Needles – ½ Circle
  • Suture Needles – Curved
  • Suture Needles – Round
  • Suture Needles – Straight
  • Sterile Mayo Needles
View our range of Needles available to buy online here: