Cotton Wool & Wadding

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  • 28`s Grey Wadding

    28`s Grey Wadding

    Grey wadding is used in a mortuary. Sold in a roll of 1 x 20 metres Read More
  • Cellosene Wadding 500g

    Cellosene Wadding 500g

    Cellosene wadding is for wound dressing. It is also used for absorbing fluids i...
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  • Absorbent or non-absorbent cotton wool

    Cotton Wool

    Absorbent or Non absorbent cotton wool on a roll. This is multi purpose cotton ...
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    Starting at: £4.25

  • Liners and Sheets

    Liners and Sheets

    Liners and sheets are for use in a mortuary or funeral home. They can be used...
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    Starting at: £40.25

  • Bulk Cavity Filler - 10lb Box

    Bulk Cavity Filler - 10lb Box

    Bulk cavity filler is the alternative to cotton wool. The filler acts by gellin...
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  • Cranium Pads (Pack of 12)

    Cranium Pads (Pack of 12)

    The cranium pads are used for placing under the head to absorb and solidify any ...
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  • Cavity Inserts 3x18inch

    Cavity Inserts

    The cavity inserts 3x18inch are for use in a mortuary and are designed to be pla...
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    Starting at: £25.95

  • Plug Inserts 3/4x3inch

    Plug Inserts

    Plug inserts 3/4inch x 3inch are cotton plug inserts for use in storma, trachael...
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    Starting at: £15.95