We have one of the largest mortuary consumable offerings on the market, including head blocks, head rests, twine, shrouds, wadding, disinfectants, wipes, sprays, suture threads for various use, which can be bought with our range of suture needles, as well as containers, jugs, trays and bowls.

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  1. Cellosene Wadding 500g
    Cellosene Wadding 500g
    Cellosene wadding is for wound dressing. It is also used for absorbing fluids in trauma o...
  2. Liners and Sheets
    Liners and Sheets
    Liners and sheets are for use in a mortuary or funeral home. They can be used to wrap bodi...

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  3. Plug Inserts 3/4x3inch
    Plug Inserts
    Plug inserts are cotton plug inserts for use in storma, trachael, A/V applications and mor...

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  4. 28`s Grey Wadding
    28`s Grey Wadding

    Grey wadding is used in a mortuary. Sold in a roll of 1 x 20 metres

  5. Bulk Cavity Filler - 10lb Box
    Bulk Cavity Filler - 10lb Box
    Bulk cavity filler is the alternative to cotton wool. The filler acts by gelling fluid to...
  6. Cranium Pads (Pack of 12)
    Cranium Pads (Pack of 12)
    The cranium pads are used for placing under the head to absorb and solidify any leaking fl...
  7. Cavity Inserts 3x18inch
    Cavity Inserts
    The cavity inserts are for use in a mortuary and are designed to be placed in areas where ...
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7 Items

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