We have one of the largest mortuary consumable offerings on the market, including head blocks, head rests, twine, shrouds, wadding, disinfectants, wipes, sprays, suture threads for various use, which can be bought with our range of suture needles, as well as containers, jugs, trays and bowls.

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  1. Shroud
    Shrouds are designed to cover a cadaver for presentation at funerals or in a mortuary and ...

    Starting At £69.95

  2. Normors Chin Collar
    Normors Chin Collar
    The normors chin collars are for use in a funeral home. They are easy to fit and very disc...

    Starting At £57.95

  3. Cyanoacrylate Glue
    Cyanoacrylate Glue
    Cyanoacrylate glue is for use in a mortuary or funeral home. It is a lip, eye and incisio...

    Starting At £4.65

  4. Eyecaps (Pack of 100)
    Eyecaps (Pack of 100)
    Plain transparent eyecaps or perforated transparent eyecaps, for use in mortuaries or a fu...

    Starting At £16.40

  5. ID Bracelets
    ID Bracelets
    ID bracelets, designed for one-off use in a hospital environment to tag and identify people

    Starting At £10.10

  6. Coffin Lining (250m Roll)
    Coffin Lining (250m Roll)
    Coffin lining on a roll for use in mortuaries, pathologies, universities, laboratories and...
  7. Casket Liner (Pack of 2)
    Casket Liner (Pack of 2)
    Casket liners are for use in funeral homes. They are designed to place in the bottom of a...
  8. Skin Wrap
    Skin Wrap
    The skin wrap is for use in a hospital, mortuary or funeral home. This is used to wrap ar...

Items 1 to 8 of 10 Total

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