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  • Shroud


    Shrouds are designed to cover a corpse for presentation at funerals or in a mort...
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  • Biohazard Adhesive Tape - 25mm x 66m

    Biohazard Adhesive Tape - 25mm x 66m

    Biohazard Adhesive Tape - 25mm x 66m

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  • Normors Chin Collar

    Normors Chin Collar

    The normors chin collars are for use in a funeral home. They are easy to fit an...
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  • Cyanoacrylate Glue

    Cyanoacrylate Glue

    Cyanoacrylate glue is for use in a mortuary or funeral home. It is a lip, eye a...
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  • Eyecaps (Pack of 100)

    Eyecaps (Pack of 100)

    Plain transparent eyecaps or perforated transparent eyecaps, for use in mortuari...
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  • ID Bracelets

    ID Bracelets

    ID bracelets, designed for one-off use in a hospital environment to tag and ide...
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  • Coffin Lining (250m Roll)

    Coffin Lining (250m Roll)

    Coffin lining on a roll for use in mortuaries, pathoogies, universities, laborat...
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  • Casket Liner (Pack of 2)

    Casket Liner (Pack of 2)

    Casket liners are for use in funeral homes. They are designed to place in the b...
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