We have one of the largest mortuary consumable offerings on the market, including head blocks, head rests, twine, shrouds, wadding, disinfectants, wipes, sprays, suture threads for various use, which can be bought with our range of suture needles, as well as containers, jugs, trays and bowls.

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  1. Ligature Thread 4 Cord
    Ligature Thread 4 Cord
    The ligature thread is a fine cord of twisted fibers in 100% linen ligature thread for med...

    Starting At £6.90

  2. Suture Thread 4 Cord
    Suture Thread 4 Cord
    The 4 cord suture thread is supplied in a 100 metre reel and weighs 50g. The small suture...
  3. Post Mortem Twine
    Post Mortem Twine
    The post mortem twine is made up of ecru linen thread for easy and reliable sewing and wei...

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