We offer a large range of protective wear, including disposable aprons, protection gowns, cotton coats, disaster suits, extra strong or plastic aprons, disposable over sleeves & over shoes, wellingtons and clogs.

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  1. Surgi Clogs
    Surgi Clogs
    The surgi clogs are a classic wooden footbed clogs, available in 10 sizes - 3 to 13

    Starting At £39.45

  2. Flexi Clogs
    Flexi Clogs
    The flexi clogs have a built-in arch support that holds them securely on your feet. These ...

    Starting At £49.95

  3. Ezi Clogs
    Ezi Clogs
    The blue ezi clogs combine the comfort and support of a lightweight E-tech material, with ...

    Starting At £36.65

3 Items

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