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  • Sharp/Sharp

    Dressing Scissors

    These scissors are designed for a variety of uses in a hospital, laboratory or v...
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    Starting at: £5.75

  • Scissors - Dissecting Open Shank Sharp/Sharp 5inch

    Scissors - Dissecting Open Shank Sharp/Sharp 5inch

    The dissecting sharp/sharp scissors are designed to provide precision and easy h...
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  • Scissors - Utility

    Scissors - Utility

    The utility scissors are designed for multiple uses, for example cutting garment...
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  • Mayo Scissors

    Mayo Scissors

    The mayo scissors have semi-blunt ends and are often used in the cutting of fasc...
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    Starting at: £10.25

  • Iris Scissors

    Iris Scissors

    The iris scissors have short blades, originally developed for ophthalmic surgery...
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    Starting at: £1.95

  • Strabismus Scissors

    Strabismus Scissors

    The strabismus scissors are an ophthalmic dissecting instrument, primarily used ...
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    Starting at: £5.55

  • Metzenbaum Scissors

    Metzenbaum Scissors

    The metzenbaum scissors have a long shank to blade ratio and are designed for cu...
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    Starting at: £10.25

  • Scissors - Large Organ 10inch

    Scissors - Large Organ 10inch

    The large organ scissors are designed for use in a mortuary during an autopsy
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