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Barber offer a vast range of instruments for use in various industries including hospital, mortuary/autopsy, pathology, laboratory, universities and veterinary. These are all made from the finest stainless steel.

Our range includes blades, scalpels and handles, including our PM40 blades and the industry leading Swann Morton blades for mortuary, pathology and laboratory use.

We offer a complete range of surgical scissors, forceps, needle holders and clamps, as well as autopsy specific instruments, such as bone cutting forceps, rib shears, saws, shears, probes, mallets, chisels and ladles.

Barber are also official distributors for the two market leading electric autopsy saws – De Soutter and Medezine.

Medezine have been producing medical saws and plaster instruments for over 20 years and they are used extensively by mortuary and pathology technicians throughout the world. A strong relationship with the industry has allowed Medezine to develop products with the user in mind, ensuring the highest quality products combined with usability and practicality. Barber and Medezine are based just 3 miles apart and have a strong working relationship, having been previously part of the same company.

De Soutter Medical are the world’s leading manufacturer of powered surgical instruments. They specialise in the development, production and worldwide distribution of powered instruments for surgical procedures. The CleanCut NS3 autopsy saw incorporates a saw hand piece and an extractor system, which operates to the highest standards of debris containment and filtration.

Barber stock all the spare parts for these saws, including the blades and filtration units. We can also facilitate services on both saws for you. Both types of saws and all accessories for these two autopsy saws are available to buy online here:

Our range of instruments are available to buy online here:
Blades and knives

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mallets, chisels and ladles

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Forceps, Rib Shears and saws

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