We offer two of the market leading Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) for treatment of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. We have the Zoll AED and the I-PAD AED available to purchase, both of which have been endorsed/selected by the British Heart Foundation as their AED of choice.

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  1. Micropore Tape
    Micropore Tape
    This flexible adhesive tape is ideal for attaching dressings to the skin. It is a gentle b...

    Starting At £6.99

  2. Gauze Swabs
    Gauze Swabs
    These gauze swabs are ideal for use in the medical industry as they serve multiple purpose...

    Starting At £1.50

  3. Transpore Tape
    Transpore Tape
    This tape is easy to tear into strips without scissors, even when wearing gloves. 3M Trans...

    Starting At £10.99

  4. Mepore Dressing
    Mepore Dressing
    Sterile adhesive surgical dressing. Comes in a range of sizes and different pack sizes

    Starting At £7.50

  5. Finepore Tape
    Finepore Tape
    This finepore surgical tape is ideal for attaching dressing to the skin, as it is a soft b...
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5 Items

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