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  1. Strabismus Scissors
    Strabismus Scissors
    The strabismus scissors are an ophthalmic dissecting instrument, primarily used during pro...

    Starting At £10.55

  2. Forceps - Dissecting Straight Serrated
    Forceps - Dissecting Straight Serrated
    The dissecting straight serrated forceps are designed to provide precision and easy handli...

    Starting At £7.98

  3. Half Mask Respirator
    Half Mask Respirator
    FORCE8 twin cartridge half face respirator for respiratory protection

    Starting At £9.85

  4. Dressing Probe/Probe Scissors
    Dressing Probe/Probe Scissors
    The dressing probe/probe scissors are designed for cutting through dressing and padding

    Starting At £13.25

  5. Cadaver Bag
    Cadaver Bag
    The disposable cadaver bags are sold in a pack of 25 or 50, for use in an emergency for co...

    Starting At £54.95

  6. Dodge QS Powder (500 grams)
    Dodge QS Powder (500 grams)
  7. Disposable Body Tent
    Disposable Body Tent
    Polyethylene body tent is waterproof & flame retardant and supplied with eyelets. The body...
  8. Casket Liner (Pack of 2)
    Casket Liner (Pack of 2)
    Casket liners are for use in funeral homes. They are designed to place in the bottom of a...

Items 1 to 8 of 58 Total

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